"As for methods there may be a million, but it is serving the fundamental principals that shall determine success."
There are many ways in which to train to achieve a particular goal or set of goals. Some methods are better applied than others, depending on who you are and your circumstances. Finding the best training method for you will be essential to achieving your own excellence. That's where I come in, working closely with you to lead you along the best path for you. We'll train your body and mind together, in ways which not only fulfil the fundamental principles of physical development, but ways that really work for you, as an individual too. Afterall, we're not just bodies. We are mind, body and soul.
The training types which I utilise are all specifically chosen for the amazing amount of physical adaptation they cause. This means, we only work with exercises which give 'the most bang for your buck'. Your time is precious, so is your energy - we will waste neither in using the most advanced training methods available. The science of physical training is continually evolving as further and further studies are published. I study hard to keep up to date with the latest research and thinking from the worlds best minds.
So whether your goal is to do with fat loss, increasing your fitness levels, getting stronger, or preparing for an event or occasion, your coaching will involve tried and tested, field-proven methods to achieve the very best possible success. Come and achieve something astounding, with world-class training methodologies.
Training takes place in my custom built studio, in Newchapel, surronded by beautiful Pembrokeshire countryside, Cardigan Swimming Pool and Sports Complex Fitness Suite or Hall, or an outdoor location. The studio features an Olympic Weightliting platform along with a host of equipment, whilst a large 30m by 10m outdoor space allows for some serious outdoor conditioning. Yoke carrying, tyre flipping, atlas stones all happen here. The quiet local road network allows for excellent distance runs for the times when this is needed.